Thursday, January 29, 2009

Huge News

Monday night, I sat down with Q and a handful of beginning reader books. These are called 'BOB' books. Several boxes of very simple skill sets. Q and I look at one and I read a sentence. Then I ask him if he can read the next one. Three letter words or less, usually sentences of five words or less.

And Q does it. He READS.

I'm beside myself with excitement and delight. And yet I find that I'm checking myself. I don't want to boast that Q is reading when most of his peers aren't yet. (And, let's be honest, he read a few sentences and has since then shown no interest in repeating the event, perhaps because I'm making such a big deal about it.)

But this isn't about me boasting. This is about Q doing something really so cool that no matter how old your kid is when they begin to read, you really ought to be excited and thrilled.

And oh, baby, am I.


cygknit said...

First, YAY for Q!!! It IS a big deal and one of those things that should be shouted from the rooftops. I am glad you could share it with me the other day. Perhaps because I don't have a 4 yo?

I've been struggling with this, too. I want to tell *someone* the amazing things Em is doing right now, but who wants to make his peers' mother's feel bad? It is a good deal to think on.

Rollins said...


-- Dad

Jen said...

Last night I went into Joel's room to check on him, and he was reading aloud from One Fish Two Fish. I stayed a while to eavesdrop, with a big grin on my face.
"So if go...bump bump...just jump...on thee hump...of thee wump...of Gump!"
Fabulous stuff.