Friday, January 23, 2009

The Cold Brave Winter

Noodle is popping out words like crazy. Today's included "potty!" as she patted the one hanging out in my sewing room. She kept talking about Elmo all down the stairs, causing me some distress (she doesn't watch that much Sesame Street does she?) until she was settled in for breakfast and I finally figured out what the little alien was talking about: oatmeal. We also got 'applesauce' at breakfast, clearly enough for me to understand on the first try. ('apasauce' ) My absolute favorite, which she says in reciprocation, if I say, "love you" she replies, "ov ooo."

This week I made the mistake of trying to explain how radios work to Q. Which led to (I believe in this order) satellites, cell phones, gravity and how the earth orbits the sun. Poor child. No telling what he thinks now. Next time I think I'll stick to, "It's magic!" Which is about as comprehensible as what I was telling him.

Tomorrow I am braving the world of train hobby shows. This might be a serious mistake. I'm feeling seriously fortunate because a friend has agreed to join me with her own 4-year-old. I was told to bring a bucket for Q to stand on. The timing was excellent. Noodle is getting Grandma all to herself, as well as a trip to see baby lambs. I am wondering why I am not going to see the baby lambs.

Shortly after I posted this, Noodle decided that she wasn't done for the night, she casually handed over four new words like she'd been trying them for months: bear, bottle (like empty soda bottles), lid (yes, odd, eh?), and hand. I know I've tried to get her to say bear before with no success, but the others seem especially odd. Not like 'emenems' which she picked up with the obvious positive reinforcement over the weekend. It just feels so strange, like someone figured out where the switch was and now she can talk.

Oh, and she has 2 to 3 canines finally cutting through her gums, after months of effort and waking me up. A relief for us both.

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