Saturday, July 25, 2009

Big Day

I have no idea how to rotate or edit videos. My apologies. That is Q singing his solo from Music Theater Camp. He chose the song ("Two of Us" by the Beatles) and no one seems to hear the same song he does. You'll have to crank the sound way up.

I expected to have a blog entry about how funny and sweet the performance was yesterday (and it was). But the cough that I attributed to a summer cold, and which woke him (and us) early Friday morning with unrelenting hacking turned into a disturbing wheeze in the afternoon. J took them to the pediatrician, then for x-rays at the clinic, then back to the pediatrician and then the pharmacy.

When I got home everyone seemed fine, although a bit jazzed up from all the excitement. The tip off for how stressed Q is physically was that he took a nap, at 5 pm.

J and I left him in Grandma's capable hands, and returned to her looking a bit distressed. Once I sat with him, I understood why. His wheezing sounds like a fireplace bellow. Noisy, shallow, quick breaths. Since he'd taken a late nap, he needed to burn off mental energy, but had no physical energy. We watched the dance routines from an episode of 'So You Think You Can Dance' (cheesy title, great dancing). Q was impressed and asked if he could be on that show some day.

J dosed him with more inhalants and he is considerably better today. The cough is still there. We're still in managing breathing crisis mode for a while. I'm kind of freaked out (especially about the inhalers, which I will need to do solo with Q this evening), but I'm relieved that Q is markedly better. Hopefully since this is the first distinct asthmatic incident, we'll learn how to manage it before school starts.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Assortment of snippets

Q pet Savannah (the cat) as she balanced on the arm of the glider rocker the other day. "Cats snuggle to say I love you." He informs me. "They have to snuggle because they don't have words. But we have words."

I picked up a bunch of jammies for the kids yesterday. I indulged and got Noodle a 3 piece jammie outfit that includes a tutu. Seriously. Much to my bemusement, the jammies she excitedly chose for last night were the 'car jammies'. Girly, but lots of little cars on them. Cracked me up.

They didn't have many summer jammies for boys, so Q's selection was more limited. (I picked up some for next fall.) He chose to wear the hand me downs left by his cousin. Very sweet.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

"When I grow up..."

Driving home from the library today, Q starts a sentence, "Mommy? When I grow up-"

Q's voice drops. Preparing myself for something I might need to pay close attention to, I quickly roll up the windows to listen.

"...when I grow up, I'm going to wear a pencil behind my ear so I'll always have a pencil when I want to draw something."

Thank goodness. "That seems handy."


I continue driving.

"And mom? When I grow up, I'm going to marry you."


"I love you too."