Friday, January 02, 2009

Clean Baby

Last night we were at Grandma's for dinner and when we came home we did an abbreviated bedtime - no bath for the kids. So this morning, no surprise, as I'm nibbling on Noodle's toes I notice that they're a wee bit stinky. (Who knew she used her feet so much?) After breakfast I gave her a quick little bath and let her play some in the tub, then bundled her into a warm towel, let her toddle around, got clothes on her, read her a couple of books, slipped her feet into socks while she protested.

When her copper hair is freshly washed, the back curls up into ringlets. Having straight hair myself, I take serious delight in this. But more than just my vanity in her curls, getting a chance to savor a clean baby is a physical joy. The skin is so soft, hair smells of baby shampoo, newly diapered butts settling into your lap with a little paper thump. I nestle my nose into Noodle's curls and breathe in, relishing the moment and stretching it out as long as I can.

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