Friday, November 25, 2011


When I was a child, I felt sorry for the children in store bought costumes. They were plastic and unpersuasive. As an adult, I empathize with the parents significantly more. On the bright side, costumes for children are dramatically better made.

This year Q announced he wanted to be a ninja. Watching the student parade in Essex, I realized that 75% of all the boys wanted to be ninjas this year. Some classes had only ninjas. Nothing like having a hazardous concept (ie: black) integral to a costume.

Noodle had long claimed she wanted to be Ariel. Luckily that's an easy choice, if skimpy. Why do they make any costume without winterizing? Do they think little girls are trick or treating in preheated neighborhoods?

On facebook I posted that two nights in a row we put Q to bed in his jammies, only to discover him asleep in his ninja costume. In the morning he comes down in his jammies again. I caught him in a photo...

I wonder if he has midnight ninja adventures in his dreams.