Thursday, February 28, 2008

Report cards

Since Q flunked one of his physicals as a baby, I tend to view them as a report card. As such, Noodle passed with flying colors and great news. She’s gained two lbs and at nine months is now a whole (gasp) 15 lbs, 15.5 oz. That is, about 16 lbs for those of us who have trouble with English measurements. Still right on the same growth chart continuum: 10-25th%, right where she ought to be.

To put her size in perspective, speaking with a friend last night, I found out that her 4 month old son is nineteen pounds.

Her hemoglobin levels are fine so she can now drink whole milk. I’m stoked- no more formula! Also, since we don’t have food allergies, she’s been cleared for pretty much all soft food in cheerio sized chunks (except nuts and honey). So she’s been plunged into new foods immediately: pasta and veggie sausage with red sauce (I think the spice upset her once, I wasn’t thinking), and eggs, bananas (not mashed!), chopped up pear, and of course her cheerios. Dr also says things cooked with honey are fine, just no raw honey.

When stripped of the cumbersome jammies, she can crawl pretty fast now. She may even discard the notion that walking would be more effective for her goals.

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