Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nine Month Mark

Noodle turned nine months old today. She's been busy lately. Now she can:
Wave in response (When she feels like it);
Feed Mommy a cheerio (and herself, of course);
Stand on her own for approximately half a second;
Crawl backwards into tables (where she gets stuck and screams with frustration);
Asks to be picked up by lifting her arms when I say, "Up?";
Show off and run her tongue over her new tooth (tooth number two is playing coy); and
Clap her hands together where she then contemplates how the heck are they supposed to come apart to actually accomplish clapping.

She's still a remarkably good natured baby, when she isn't crabbing about crawling or the new tooth that hasn't come in yet. She's hit the stage where she's just plain old adorable almost all the time, amusing to watch, cuddly to hold, and able to get into trouble that wouldn't occur to me. (From her exersaucer the other day, she managed to dump a large quantity of papers and then snagged a photo of someone else's baby to gnaw on.)

Perhaps her absolutely most darling moment this week was when J came home a little late on Monday night. She was exhausted, but her gums were bothering her and she wanted to be held. When J came into the den where I was passively cuddling her to sleep, she looked up and saw Daddy. Holding her arms out, she did a clear 'up' request to him. So sweet. She fell asleep in his arms, safe and sound.

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