Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh boy!

Noodle is happily chowing down on anything we give her these days. I actually took two photos of this- with two separate cheerios.

Several times I've gone in to get the wailing girl from her crib, only to discover she has managed to trap herself. Twice she was trying to stand and when she slipped, her legs stuck out between the rails of the crib, trapping her. This morning when I went to pick her up, she was flat on her back, holding onto the top rail, as if for dear life. A child who doesn't know how to let something go. I'm sure it's not genetic.

This weekend we did a brief tour of the town's Winter Carnival. Pretty much every town event is marked with a tractor parade. We didn't stay for the parade (I'm a wimp, I was cold), but Q scored big time.

To get an appreciation of the scale, here's another photo.

Q rapidly shifts from being a pesty big brother (poking, ramming, rolling, grabbing) to being an incredibly sweet and instructive big brother. Below is a rotten photo of him helping Noodle ride his trike. This is a pure Noodle grin, so I can't resist sharing.

Personally Noodle's 9 month mark has come with a sad end. Due to my own mistake of not asking enough questions, I am no longer nursing her, not even the twice a day which I was feeling was a slacker nursing strategy. After being told that the mini-pill wasn't effective enough birth control if I was only nursing twice a day, I switched to a regular dose pill. I wasn't paying close attention this week since Noodle was teething and failed to realize that my milk was drying up. When she hadn't nursed three days in a row, I finally figured out the problem. At this point only extreme intervention would reinstate my milk, and frankly, while I'm disappointed, I am not willing to take the necessary steps. So a choice in the end. I think I'd be more sad if she weren't a cuddly little baby, but comforting her has always been easy, and rarely has she asked to nurse for comfort.

This morning I whisked together some formula for her to suck down while I attempted to doze a few more minutes in bed with her. Upon seeing the bottle she actually chortled with delight. I think I can get over it.

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rollins said...

I love the pictures of Quinn with the tractor.

-- G'pa Rollins