Friday, January 25, 2008

Someone's Little Girl

Just said her first word.

Yesterday, after several days of babbling this, Noodle looked at J and said, "da-da."
Then she did it again. And again. Looking him dead on.

Now for those of you skeptics who say that a) she's babbling or b) she's entering the stage where she indiscriminately calls everyone and everything ma-ma and da-da, let me reassure you: I don't care. Her first word is Da-da and she said it yesterday for the first time at just over 8 months.

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rollins said...

"Let the record show ... "

-- This is a great thing about blogs. Of course we could always keep a paper log of milestones and accomplishments, but it seems like we never got around to it. I'm really glad you are doing this!

-- Dad