Friday, January 04, 2008

Short and Boasty

Q cracked me up Tuesday. I could practically see the cogs working as he figured things out. He drew a cursive E on the dry erase board and told me it was a 3. I explained that E went the other way, but if he came over to where I was standing (it was on the floor) it *was* a 3. He alternated: “E!” “3!” a few times, then came to the side and said, “What is it from this side?”

I wasn’t paying attention.

“From this side it’s an M!”

I snapped to attention. “You’re right!”

And then he walked to the other side, “What is it from this side?” “What do you think?” “a W!”

He made a happy little hop of confidence and discovery.

I think we're about to see a big leap in abilities.

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Anonymous said...

A sequel to that story. When Q was performing a similar exercise at my house, he picked up the letter, held the prongs close to the side of his head, and said "HELLO?" Then he cracked up.