Saturday, January 12, 2008

Alas, Poor Yorick

Excavator is Q's best friend, only slightly less beloved than Blankie. Excavator has been missing since November. At first I was convinced that Excavator was simply misplaced, perhaps at Grandma's in a closet. Or hiding under a couch. But as time passed, I became more and and more concerned. Excavator didn't reappear. I scoured the house. I scoured the cars. I asked at Preschool, just in case one of the Rules was broken and Excavator went somewhere other than Home, Cars and Grandma's. Nothing.

This afternoon I was thinking about Excavator again. We'd tried to replace him at Christmas, with the thought that if we did, the original Excavator would reappear. Sadly, Excavator was sold out at all the toy stores around. But today is lovely and we were playing outside. Perhaps Excavator was left in a garden bed with the mulch...

Then I spotted it, a small scrap of yellow metal. I bent down. It was part of toy. A metal construction toy. My eyes widened. More scraps appeared. I felt like I'd discovered a pet, its carcass now worn to the bone and scattered by wild animals. Excavator had been smashed and broken by the large machines used to chop up and rake the autumn leaves.

Q wanted me to post a photo of broken Excavator, but luckily for my aching heart, the camera is broken too.

We will replace Excavator. But I suspect that no replacement will be as beloved.
Good-bye Excavator. We loved you well.


CygKnit said...

We are very sad about excavator, though we have been happy he was so well loved. We'll keep an eye out for his replacement,

Anonymous said...

Such a sad story! I had to google Yorick. -- Dad (G'pa Rollins)