Saturday, July 02, 2011

Boston Adventure

Due to circumstances beyond our foresight, we are unable to take Q to the Statue of Liberty's crown this summer. Q is an ever flexible child and suggested we go to Boston instead, to see the Museum.

Q meant the Boston Science Museum, but we misunderstood, and ended up at the Boston Children's Museum, which was a fabulous adventure.

In the past we have taken the train for the Birthday Adventure, but this was the first year we brought Noodle. I learned the hard way that when Noodle is tired on a train, she bounces off the walls. Pinned down in her car seat, she falls asleep, so we decided to drive to Alewife, leave the car there, and take the MBTA from there.

From South Station, you can easily walk to the Children's Museum. Below you can see Q climbing the three story maze/net/climbing structure that greeted us.

Several of the exhibits were demonstrations of self propelled power.

Here you pull hard on the rope...

...and the ball (look hard) goes sproing!

Q and Noodle were also able to pull themselves (with a little assistance) high into the air...

I think Noodle's favorite room was the bubble exploration room, where I took no photos, although considering how wet and slippery it was, perhaps avoiding handling electronics was a good idea.

J and I were thrilled to see a Mac friend who now works at BCM in teacher outreach and education and ate lunch with her watching construction in the canal by the museum while Q&N mostly ignored their food and threw crumbs to the Canada geese and gulls.

In the afternoon, we hit the Public Garden. Having properly prepared the kids with multiple readings of Make Way for Ducklings, we rode on the Swan Boats, chatted with the Mallard Family, and visited their statues.

Nuala & Quack

Quinn & Mrs. Mallard

A real duckling and mallard...

I swear, this one was unposed. They were genuinely this sweet and good for the whole day. I'm both amazed and grateful.

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Sounds like a great day! -- Dad