Tuesday, February 01, 2011

More photos for perspective

Now if I was trying to use photos to deceive, this is the photo I would use.

The above photo was taken in the neighbor's driveway- which drops down to the garage under her house.

Below is a photo of the most even area of snow I could find, where the kids could stand next to it for perspective. This is the back yard. The kids are in the path dug out so we can get oil delivered (and they did, just minutes after this photo was taken). Much to my great relief, the neighbor's snow blower was able to go off road to clear this path.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't take much snow to intimidate those of us living in Florida.

Little Terry said...

You'd be happy today then. We got sleet and rain instead. It's about 32 degrees, so that's going to be really fun tomorrow.