Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Our 10th anniversary is in June and we want to plan ahead and make reservations at a good family resort or location. N will be just over 1, so serious amounts of water is a bad idea, although if our site (room? house? cottage?) is really well secured, we might consider something on the coast. Q will be 4, so lots of things to do with him would be good.

But we’re brainstorming and researching at this point. Our current guidelines:

  • Family Friendly
  • Reasonably Priced, or even Cheap! (Some ability to make meals a plus.)
  • No more than maybe 3 hours from home? Some flexibility here, since the cheaper the location, the more worthwhile the drive/time committed. There are a few places in northern VT that would be quite a hike, but are on the maybe list.
  • We like the idea of one of the retro-family resorts. The cheesy kind with little cottages. We see a few of them scattered in this area, but that’s too close.

Suggestions and advice welcome.
Although, as with the naming of our child, we reserve all rights to abandon previous principles and all recommendations.


Anonymous said...

Your mom cried when she read this. (Happy cry!) -- Dad

Anonymous said...

The above comment was supposed to be on the next posting. The one about Quinn blowing you a kiss. (Don't know any way to correct mistakes in blog comments.) -- Dad

Anonymous said...

Check out Sherbourne in VT. I will send you an article about it that we saw in the NY Times last week. It sounds perfect!


Anonymous said...

I've been suggesting that we all meet in colorado next august. There are some good weekly rates on sky condo resorts available during the summertime. horseback riding (and ponies), kayaking, hiking...


Anonymous said...

MY father is suggesting a family vacation?!

I'm pretty sure that is one of the signs of the End of Days...