Friday, October 26, 2007

Another Baby First

The shrieking lately, at 3am, has made the little girl a less than popular member of the family. I finally decided that based on the facts (she didn’t want to nurse, didn’t seem to want to be awake at all, didn’t seem to be comforted by anything) she must be teething. We got some night time oragel and treated her with oragel and tylenol and while she still woke and screamed horribly, it seemed to help and she seemed to go back to bed faster than usual.

But in a discussion with a nurse practitioner today (got my flu shot!), I was persuaded to bring N in to see the doctor, just in case. Sure she wasn’t cranky or miserable except when screaming at night, but it would be worth checking her out.

Well, what do you know, baby has her first ear infection. And considering this, she was far too good natured. Sure the screaming at various times was awful enough that we had to set her down and walk out of the room to gain self control. But mostly, during the day especially, she was her normal smiley self. Simply unreasonably good natured.

So. A lesson I hope I’ve now learned: if N screams without an obvious reason, that is enough reason to get her to the doctor.

Poor baby… This photo was taken after a particularly bad night (Thursday am). Note the total lack of grumpiness.


Stace said...

Oof, 3 AM screaming. Poor baby, poor you! I had been going to ask you if you felt like doing NaNoWriMo...I'm guessing no!

She looks so pleased with herself :o) Did someone knit her that sweater? It is so cute!


Little Terry said...

NaNoWriMo isn't in the works for this year, but my deadline to start writing is November 13, when the baby hits the 6 month mark.

The sweater was handknit (I understand), but was purchased as a gift by a friend of the family.