Monday, August 04, 2008

The Camel Discusses Straw...

Even when J is working and it's just the three of us, I like us to eat together. So I make dinner. I set it on the table for Q and myself. I load Noodle's high chair tray and lock her in place.

I call Q to eat dinner. We sit down. For less than a minute.

Q has to use the potty. He goes potty. For twenty minutes.

Noodle and I eat.

Q comes out of the potty. He informs me that he wants to wear clean underwear and shorts. I say, "Please, just wear what you had on before."

Q leaves the room.

Q comes back and tells me he wants to sit on a towel instead of putting on his underwear and shorts. I say no.

Q melts down.

Noodle begins to wail because she wants down from her high chair.

I offer Q a compromise. He can go upstairs and get fresh clothes on if he can do it before a 5 minute timer goes off.

I repeat this offer because he cannot hear me through Noodle's screaming.

He accepts the offer and goes upstairs.

I take Noodle's tray into the kitchen and start wiping her off with a washcloth.

Q returns and asks me to help him put on his old underwear.

I help him get his underwear on.

I get his sister out of the high chair.

I sit down to drink a cup of tea.

Q sits down at the table in his old underwear.

Noodle wanders around.

Our cat Savannah walks over to Noodle and pukes a huge quantity of cat food onto the rug next to her.

Noodle screams in terror.

Q announces, "Mommy! Savannah puked!"

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Rollins said...

I was mystified by the title when I started reading this post. Initially assumed it was a literary reference, like "Alas, Poor Yorick".

By the time I stopped laughing at the final line, I understood (I think.)

-- Dad